BLoGger’s File

Rodrigo C. Rivera  is a college professor, communication expert, trainer, consultant, PhD in Communication candidate from the University of the Philppines, MA in Communication graduate from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Former national youth leader, community organizer, political activist, journalist and now a neophyte blogger.

Bloggers can write in many ways. In my case, I write what I think. I need an outlet what goes in my head can be externalized, and then objectivized at the moment and internalized by others as well. As I interest myself in understanding the whole, I take it by parts, break the whole and piece them together in reinvented form. That is deconstruction.

  1. phenny salcedo says:

    sir rod, i like your site, very informative. more power!

  2. rafael vargas says:

    It is not the additional years that will solve the problem of education. It is a quality of teaching and a qualified teachers. Aquino did not undergone that system, and he is now the president of the philippines.

    • rod rivera says:

      You have a great point rafael, I’m not in favor of putting any additional years in education just for extension per se and internationalization. However, in principle, if K+12 should work abiding faithfully in its “declogging” principles, quality will be given space. The very reason quality is set aside is that of the education has been crucnching the curriculum for so short a time that really needed more. As to the quality of teaching and qualified teachers, these two are interdependent, and we should analyze these issues relative to the faculty’s preservice training, quality of “pedagogical education”, monitoring and measurement of teaching performance, all within the frames of government bureaucracy and budget allocation. Thanks for reading.

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