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I have to admit I am a newbie in blogging, I haven’t even identified myself yet to be a member of the Philippine blogosphere.  Though I am having good reviews, reposts and increasing readership. I guess, everyone is new to blogging as the medium is a recent innovation from the last decade.

A blog or a weblog is an interactive communication platform where an author or authors posts articles on various contents and interest. The medium has several functions for an internet user. Because, the medium is so potent to reach diverse audience that can be tracked online, possible linkages with their own accounts would mean a marketing opportunity for any business.

Blogging, as a phenomenon, has mean several things to quite a growing number of bloggers. To me, I would like to keep its pristine state of providing my personal communication space in the Internet, where I am not restrained or constrained by anyone to write about what I want.

One staffer of an upcoming publication in our organization, actually asked me to write for it in their first issue. I told, I will write when I want to, what I want to and I don’t want to be subjected to pressures and prejudices. This is the same reasoning that governs my precepts on why I blog and what I blog about. It does not mean I should not observe etiquette and ruin my integrity.

My integrity in the first place begins in my accountability of expressing my thoughts about various things that I experience and perceive in the world around me. I can be technical or literary, just plain boring or too highfalutin. But, that is me as a blogger. My readers have to deal with this unless they send me some feedback of what they want to read about.

Although the medium, is interactive, it does not become that way until the readers start to be more open and vocal about their thoughts as to what I write about. I started blogging two years ago, but it was only last year, that I had more motivation to keep on blogging. I understood the responsibility that goes with this interest, and I am much more willing to learn its ropes.

Bea, a classmate in PhD who had been blogging for some time, had actually influenced me to spend more time with it. I appreciate her outright honest and helpful comments on my blogs. She is in the blogosphere as she knows many of the bloggers in the country, she had nominations in the last Philippine Blog Awards. Jenny, who silently read my blogs also provided me affirmations on my posts. And, the many faceless readers I have had around the world, all of them inspire me to blog.

My etiquette would be framed to the interest of my readers, on to my integrity, and never to the interest of business parties. Well, I would be open to the idea getting paid from posting some reviews of products and services, but I can not honestly promise that I could say I like something that I don’t really like.

Etiquette is a social act, integrity refers to the moral character of an act, be it personal or social. Etiquette is in the surface, but integrity is from within. A behavior can be judged to be without etiquette or ill-mannered, but it is not necessary lacking of integrity. As a blogger, I’d rather keep integrity, for with it I have more than the ettiquette.

With integrity, comes the writer’s sincerity, credibility and genuine passion to be a responsible blogger. His responsibility is towards his audience, nameless or faceless they may be. The blogger with an ethos, may have not taken any professional oath, nor have a license to write, but he is approved by the quality and nature of his posts that have implications on impacting some change in the lives of the readers and the world at large.

In a recent post, the Philippine blogosphere talks about etiquette and integrity in blogging. But, what is noticeable is that the issue centers on the dilemma of commercialized blogging. Etiquette for bloggers as social grace, has to be a shared construct. Although, the one given voice to share thoughts on it gains the power to compel other people. But, then as the blogging phenomenon is still new, this has to be taken seriously when commercialized blogging is the one in the hotspot.