What is Dekonstruktschon?

Deonstruction is about looking at things differently, breaking the whole into its parts to understand each piece that makes the whole, then putting them again together as a new construction. It’s simply a way of thinking, of knowing and of understanding. The posts here are critical, reflexive and constructive attempts of life discourse – an exercise of being academic, political, apolitical, sometimes cynical and skeptic, theoretical, simple or unusual. This blog attempts to contribute to human understanding of their life realities by examining things in their social world with a different lense – deconstruction for reconstruction of knowledge.

  1. rodrigo2.0 says:

    Bloggers can write in many ways. In my case, I write what I think. I need an outlet what goes in my head can be externalized, and then objectivized at the moment and internalized by others as well. As I interest myself in understanding the whole, I take it by parts, break the whole and piece them together in reinvented form. That is deconstruction. For nothing can be recreated or reconstructed without reconstructing it. Ah, I learned this from nephew. He could solve the rubics in seconds. He learned how to while he was a kid, when he broke the rubics cube in pieces, dismantled it and put it together. There he learned the mechanics of the game.

  2. […] Title: DEKONZTRUKTSCHON URL: https://rodrigo75.wordpress.com/ Author: Rod Rivera Description: This blog attempts to contribute to human understanding of their […]

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