To the Filipino Electorate

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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You are empowered by the Philippine Constitution, under democratic principles, to run to any position you might like in the Government. Otherwise, you are empowered to put into positions of power anyone you might like among the candidates this coming election. Your vote is your power to change people in the government and to bring change to this country.

In this election, every candidate would like to win your favor. But the election is not like facebook post, that you could click because you feel good with it. Every election time, you will hear vote wisely. Wisely is not a candidate, if he is he would have won the change we all wanted.

You want this country to progress, to be back as an economic leader in Asia, to eradicate poverty, to have peace and justice, to be glorious and looked upon by other nations. Yet you keep on entrusting governance to those whose hearts are callous and whose minds are impiously corrupt.

You keep on voting a traditional politician because of his/her experience in politics, or because you are lured by his/her sweet promises. You are made to believe that the numerous bills they passed in congress were all helpful to improve the quality of life the Filipinos have. Most of them would like to remain in the position not because they genuinely want to serve – they wanted to remain in power to pursue their self-interest.

Vote for a traditional politician as you may, if he could say no to pork barrel, instead push for audited expenses of his office. Vote for a member of an existing politician if you would like to expand the power and control of a few families over your affairs. Vote for a businessman, because he knows how to get easy money from the coffers of the government. Vote for a religious leader if you want to be indoctrinated by beliefs you don’t even share and live. Vote for ultra righteous candidates if you disregard socially viable policies that the country needs.

Vote not and you waste the power the Constitution guarantees for you.

Whom should you vote this coming election? The lesser evil? The sure winner? That is your choice. Experience, disposition, education, platform, vision and virtue remain to be the best criteria for making your choice. Know very well the candidate and do not be swayed by others’ judgment. Gauge the candidates’ ability and commitment to genuinely serve and effect good governance. Then, you are making the right choice.




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