Lesson 1: Sharing a Vision and Going for it

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Insights and Reflections, Lessons from Boondocks, Travel Journal
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A vision is an image embedded in one’s mindset. This may come in forms of expectations, goals, purpose and meaningful desires. In life and in business, the success of an individual is determined and measured by that vision.

I went back to the Mountain Province not really to go mountain hiking and trekking. In my mind, I have set those five days to work on my dissertation revision. It would be a plus for me, if I could finish early to have some time to relax and enjoy the place. I had visualized myself working on my paper and completing it up there in that town on a mountain. Avoiding distractions, familiar people, Internet and work, it took me only a day and a half to revise my paper. That’s how vision work.

Since I have time for leisure, I planned for some adventure. My guide’s advice was to go on mountain hiking. I understood that we are going mountain hiking. In my mind were many images of a mountain top and the sceneries that could surprise me. I didn’t even know where we were actually going. But his shared vision, his suggestion, got me believing and going up the mountain. I was in for the surprises that I could not even visualize. With that, I just wanted to go there. I was not told though of how the trails were, how hard it could be and how long it would take. I just knew that we are going mountain hiking, that’s a clear goal that guided me through half the day of going up Mt. Ampacao.

A vision is a picture of where one is going. In life, this vision is really ideal. Knowing where you want to go, helps you keep moving on. To some other people when the journey time is taking long, they repeatedly ask the same question, “are we there, yet?” to the doubtful, the question is “where are we really going?”, to the cynical the question is “do you really know where we are going? or gasp “are we lost?”. I trusted the person I went with to Mt. Ampacao, for that is his job, and I am just sharing the vision, and I know we are going somewhere though I’ve never been there.

Similar in the workplace, you can be assigned some real new and big tasks, some even unchartered. Like climbing a mountain there are risks with it which could hold you back. But, with a clear goal in mind and vision of where you want to go, you take heart and move up, and head on to your destination. Knowing where you want to go gives you time to prepare for it, pack your backpacks with the basic things you would need. Although you know where you are going, the process of getting there requires some guidance.

Actually, I’ve seen Mt. Ampacao from the ground, but I never knew how beautiful it could be on top of it. If I had not shared the idea to climb it, I would not have experienced its trails and surprises and the sense of fulfillment being on top of it. Because visions are ideal, they become abstract to someone in the long run, and that others just give up getting there. In mountaineering, every goal of the mountaineer is to reach the summit if not be nearer it. From time to time, as we climb up, my guide would point to where we are going and even share stories of how it is fun there. That’s motivation.

If you have a picture in mind of where you want to be, such image and all other things that you might desire could motivate you  to achieve great things in life. The greater your desire, the better it will do for you. A vision is a goal in which you set your mind and heart to pursue. Greater goals yield better results, no matter how difficult they may be. Just like climbing a mountain, hikers want to reach the summit, the higher the peak the greater the challenge. Yet, getting there gives the great sense of self-fulfilment and life-achivement.

The power of vision enables one to pursue and turn into reality a great dream. Going for it makes the vision real. The trails may difficult and the terrain unwelcoming, but getting there makes for one a successful individual. Being able to go where you want to go, drives to go further.


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