Thoriffic Marvel Hero

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Cinema
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Mighty Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the god of thunder is the son of Odin, King of a peaceful realm named Asgard, lying somewhere out there in the cosmos.  Because of his arrogance, pride and vanity this warrior leader was cast out to Earth. But here, he learned of what is to be like a true hero. The story is Marvel Comic’s representation of the Norse mythology.

The story began in a time-space context that brings the audience to witness the ancient battle between Asgard and Bifrost.  Then the audience is moved to witness the banishing of Thor to Midgard (earth), after several scenes of how Thor who was supposed to be enthroned as King got impatiently dismayed to reignate an ancient war with Frost Giants, along with Loki (his Bifrost adopted brother), Sif and his Three Warrior friends.  

There was long time spent on Thor’s adaptation on Earth, and so in finding Mholjnir, his mighty hammer. When Thor was banished, Odin cursed the hammer to serve only the worthy to hold its powers. Not much of the fighting scenes were there. But it has were all Thoriffic, mighty and a real marvel. Thor’s romance with Jane (Natalie Portman) leaves the audience some wishful thought for them to be next time, and a question of how would that possible, when Thor destroyed the portal that connects his world to the other 8 realms.

Of course, as expected, Thor would get his hammer. Although this was not easy for him. Eventhough he still had physical strength as deity, at his first attempt while he demonstrated his strength over other men, he was not able to pull the hammer out. The hammer and all the powers bestowed on its holder came to Thor, at his death which resulted from risking his almost ‘mortal’ life to an “ironman” consumed everything in fire and crushing everthing just to get rid of Thor.

The villain is Loki, it was obvious from the very beginning. I guess this will be clear to those who have not even read the Norse myth or Marvel Comics. Simply, there are stereotypical representations that say so. While Thor was red-head, and galantly and regally clodded, the silent Loki had a black hair, donned with dark clothes. Loki was consistent throughout, even until they were man enough to face the reality of who will be taking after Odin’s throne. Loki had it all planned to delay the crowning of Thor, by conspiring with the Frost Giants.

The Frost giants were said to be actors in costumes, not computer generated. Asgard is wonderfully rendered digital masterpiece.  The effects were carefully mastered. The production design, the costume, lights and sounds were outstanding. There were funny moments too, such as the unexpected stupidity of the reckless, fearsome and mighty Thor. This presents a human side to the diety, likewise with his voracious appetite, his gentleness and etiquette in dealing with a woman.

This is a movie to watch. I saw it on traditional screen. But, I am watching it again on 3D. Its a movie for adults who wants to be a kid. Its a movie to watch to divert your attention from your daily work routine. Its a movie that kids 12 years and below will also love to watch. I’m sure of that because I watched my kins from several age group as I watched it. I would have to agree with other reviews of this film.


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