The Tourist is a romantic comedy-drama-thriller film, that tells of a love story between a rich and beautfiul widow and a tourist, she met by chance,  in romance and action to thrill the audience with some humor on the side. It stars Angelina Jolie (Elise)  and Johnny Depp (Frank) , directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck for SONY Pictures. Set in two romantic locations in Europe, the audience are taken to see a love-affair to remember from Paris to Venice. It is a feel good movie like a cheesy Italian pizza peppered with a surprising twist from a wild herb.

The story begins in Paris where Elise is being watched by international police. She recieves a letter from a man named Alexander Pearce, whom she had a romantic affair. Pearce, through the letter tells her to take a train to Venice and sit with a man who looks like him in built. She gets away with the police following her onto a train where she met Frank.

The Interpol and a group gangster is after Alex who stole 2.3 billion dollars from the gang leader. The police hunts Alex for tax evasion, while Shoume the gang leader wants him alive to retrieve his money. Elise, in her desire to be reunited with Alex, has to make things up that Frank is Alex to deceive both the gang and the Interpol.

At the later part of the movie, Elise fights her feelings for Frank, believing that Alex is still alive and is keeping watch on her. Once she was held by the gang in their love nest in Venice, she remains still in not telling the gang where the vault is. Her strengths is understood to be coming from her professional experience as an undercover agent, and of course in the belief that Alex will come to save her.

But there was no Pearce, only Frank who then revealed himself to be the same person after all. How was that? It was all about money. He had surgery, orthodontics, voice chip inserted etc. Elise was clueless about this until Frank opened the vault. The Interpol was clueless after all about the Pearce’s identity, their chief got the hint only when he recieved a 740 million pound pay to cash check . The same is the amount which Pearce hunted for. Then the two kept on their tour of Venice.

The movie is a remake of Anthony Zimmer, a 2005 French film with exactly the same plot, but was highly praised by critics even though it was not a box-office hit. Unlikely for the remake, the Tourist is highly criticized for its slow development and dumb action antics. But the movie had three nominations in the Golden Globe Award for best actor, best actress and best comedy picture.

I got to like the story and the setting of the movie, although it developed so slowly. But such slow pacing adds to the creation of classical nostalgia to go with the melancholia of a woman trying to appreciate the beauty of the location. She is a tourist, and tourists don’t go to a place just to rush on things. The chasings are somewhat funny, but a critical movie goer would find himself thinking of what’s going to happen next, but will remain clueless until the final part.

If the movie was not a remake, I would definitely appreciate the genious of the story. Critics would not also criticize it to be slow, if they had no reference for the actions of the original French film. Johnny Depp gave a justifyingly funny rendition of his character as Frank without the fierceness of Alex Pearce. Jolie was so damn gorgeous, sexy and glamorously elegant amidst the obvious aging signs.

  1. loricapuno says:

    this is a movie whose dvd i’m waiting to see…

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