Gulliver’s Travels: The Voyage to Finding Lost Self

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Analysis, Cinema, Movie Review, Popular Culture
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Being small, growing up and becoming big are not a matter of physical size. One can be a big grown man, yet thinks too little about his self. Another could be so little but he may see his self too big. The Lilliputians would definitely find a giant a beast, and what could be more monstrous than the collosal pride and gargantuan anxiety of normal-sized men?

The man from the mailroom can see his self in the corporate world as nothing less important than the posts he delivers for his colleagues. In that giant world of business where competition is fierce, his value and self-esteem would be definitely a low blow.This definitely would hinder himself from enjoying the outside world and even finding a life-partner. Instead, he’ll satisfy himself with his own self-animated world where he is in control of everything, at the least.

From the classic work of Jonathan Swift in 1726, Gulliver’s travels have adapted and rendered in several medium, such as books and cartoon animation. I knew it from the earlier cartoons and the nursery book. I had to admit, that I too wished that I was as big as Gulliver and all the others were just Lilliputians.

This literary classic, is both a parody and satire of human nature. As I liked it when I was kid, the fantasy still works for me. But this time as a grown up, I understood it as it represents our human nature. That, while we can be restricted to grow because we think too small about our selves, we could find ourselves to be monstrous when are in that most advantageous position that we could feel too big.

The adaptation in this 2010 movie was a well-choice depiction of today’s busy world, where people don’t seem to matter anymore and to get up to that career leader, one has to be really really big, think big and come up with big ideas that would be so valuable to the world. Hence a mailroom boy could stay in that job for a decade without having to move up in the career ladder.

All is but work, work, work. The size of your contribution becomes parallel to your value as an individual or a member of the society. A lot is expected when you can deliver so much, and getting rid of you is easy when you seem frail and weak or just too small to be picked at. But reality bites, one so small can really get someone big falling down. Yet, when the little guy learned to dream big, and do something with that dream he can really make it big with other’s help of course.

The movie adaptation had a lot of humor in it. It wasn’t really a great laugh, but sure it’s nice to watch. Senior citizens, who happen to take advantage of their Monday 10peso movie privillege enjoyed it with laughter. On the technical side of it, I find that hollywood movies have almost perfected the visual effects and camera handling to create giants and Lilliputians. I say almost perfect because with the movie I still noticed some obvious editing shortcomings.

Gulliver was lost to himself, lost in the jungle of posts in his four-cornered mailroom world, and lost in that career driven corporation. To find himself, he needed to be more adventurous, which entails that he should be more open into social interaction and into communicating his ideas to other people.  A new employee who he hired as an apprentice, just proved him that while the latter got promoted the day after he was hired. He needed to explore the world, to step up and step out from whatever restricted himself.

So he was lost in an adventure, but later on found his self, found a life-partner, and found a new career path. If life were an an adventure we surely need to be heading to that adventure. We should really be journeying to get to where we want to go. Sometimes though we may not really find our self to where we wanted to go, but the surprise in that adventure is that things can turn around and all could end well. Fantasy? No, that’s one reality of life, that we don’t happen to recognize when we think that everything is determined for you already and there’s nothing else you can do about it.

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