Will you wear the Santa hat?

There is a Christmas Spirit in that big, fat, white-bearded, old man in red suit. The medieval saint who gave gifts have been a long standing icon resonant in every child and child once imagination. His travel at Christmas eve around the globe to answer every child’s Christmas wish is probably the grandest story that humanity has made.

Although I never thought of Santa as real, I knew his history from Saint Nicklaus or Saint Nicholai. But the story of that big fat old santa has developed in some great plots that he is personified second to the main character of Christmas. I could not believe Santa to be real, even when I was a child.

The stories I heard about him is that he would sneak through the chimney tops, and drop his gifts for every good child who places christmas stockings by the fire place. We didn’t have a fire place and so we didn’t have chimneys. But, yes I remember one time I put a stocking on our door panel, and only got candies on Christmas morning. Sadly, I didn’t get any Christmas wish answered  from Santa.

There have been lots of movies and animation films that highlighted Santa. Coming from somewhere in the North Pole, hidden beneath or behind those thick ice that men could not go, Santa is 365 days busy laboring with the elves to make gifts for those kids who have been good at all times. One Santa movie I really love and have seen it as an adult was Polar Express, which tried to make a kid cynical about Santa believe.

Tracking Santa has been a program of the North American Aerospace Defense Command for 55 years. This news from CBC really got my interest because it framed the news as if it was really real. I thought it was funny but it serves some purpose, to let the spirit of Christmas and that Santa story flourish through time. The group answers calls and inquiries about Santa’s whereabouts from kids.

In most movies Santa lives in a factory of toys . How I wish there are such kinds of factories in this capitalistic world. A factory that is driven by love and concern for children. A factory where every worker labors to create only the best for every child in the world. A factory which produces and distributes those produce free for everyone. That I think is mystifying with Santa, he has the spirit that this world does not have.

Santa Clause is an imaginary character lying beneath every human mind. While he persists in our human memory, he can be as real as what we think of him. Don’t you notice how businesses capitalizes on this iconic figure. We too can be Santa Clause for the children who need love and affection, and with some little things we can give them out of our genuine compassion and generosity we can grant them a little joy for Christmas.

For the Filipino kids, it must be really difficult to reconcile our thoughts of the idea of Santa, his reindeers, his sleigh etc. Thus, we have the song  “Sino si Santa Klaus?” Filipino kids receive presents from their Ninong and Ninong, Lolo and Lola aside from their Tatay and Nanay. The song is actually a question that was answered that Santa is someone who loves people. That is the Santa spirit.

We can track Santa, we know him, because he is part of our good human nature. We can all wear that Santa hat and spread love to this world that needs a lot of it.


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