Harry Potter Deathly Hallows is Not so Much of What is Expected

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Cinema, culture, Media, Movie Review, Popular Culture
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Boring prequel to the put finality to an overstretched epic

This first part of the two-series ending of JK Rowlings Harry Potter, the Deathly Hallows  was not so climactic after all and it did less of the presentation of Potter’s magical world to astound the audience. Instead it was dragging somehow and not so memorable. Moreso, it is no longer a movie for kids. For those who have followed the sequel, they will find this first final part as a mere prelude to the ultimate ending of the movie, a half-baked piece of what I expected to be an awesome pie.

So what happens in the Deathly Hallows? What is mushy and what is to be remembered?

The plot begins with the scene where the Ministry was taken over by Voldemort’s forces. Harry, Hermione and Ron went into a quest to obtain and destroy Voldemorts Horcruxes, after they have received the last will of Dumbledore. That lead them into a semi-adventure and little dramatic quest to recover the Sword of Griffendorf. Throughout the movie, it was a chase for Harry’s life and the Trios chase for Voldemort’s Horcruxes. The Trio were able to infiltrate the Ministry and so obtain the Slytherin Locket, then destroy it with the Sword of Griffendorf. They learned about the the tale of the Deathly Hallows, through Luna’s father, which Voldemort does not know anything about.  Along their quest, Ron got jealous, but later on he was enlightened. Symbolically Ron was able to overcome his malicious thoughts that there is something going on between Harry and Hermione.  He was instrumental for Harry to recover the Sword of Godric Griffendorf. While they were successful in destroying the Slytherin locket, they were captured and sent by some bandits to Voldemort’s place. They were imprisoned, but through Dobi’s help they were able to escape. But Dobi has to die. Voldemorte was able to get the Elder Wand from Dumbledore’s dead body. This he thought Voldemort could use against Harry when they meet. There the movie ended with Voldemort waving the wand to a flashing light.

I can’t help but compare the previous Harry Potter Movies, 1-6, as they are all compact versions of each book. That each plot is complete, building up to a climax and making the audience anticipate for the upcoming movie. This is without spoiling their time watching each part. The previous movies have complete storylines and outbest each one by bringing the audience into thinking, wondering and appreciating the heroic development of the wizard in Harry and his friends. Previously, the audience would be moved to Harry’s adventure, and kids would be talking about how awesome Harry was.

Its a chasing movie that was not so cheesy

In this movie, much of the parts that teased me from its trailers are just not there. There was no confrontation between Harry and Voldemort. Probably, that will come in the battle of Hogwarts. I am not a Harry Potter fanatic, but I love movies and its enchantment. This one did not just appeal so enchanting to me and perhaps to the rest of the audience. When I learned this is the first of its ending, I wanted to see it. But no ending was there, just the near end.

I brought with me my nephews, niece and cousin. There are moments though that they would react to the wizardry in the movie, but the kids, those who are around 12 and below are not really paying attention. The movie seems to be dragging Harry’s quest to obtain Griffendorf’s sword. While we were inside the theater, the children watching at the back, were not so amazed after all. At the end of the movie, the audience was silently going out. Although the Robinson’s Cinema 1 has poor airconditioning, I noticed several have to stand and take a leak. I am assuming that one would need to leak when the movie house is cold. So this means to me, that the dragging movie was not able to hold the audience into thier seats. Furthermore, this seems to me that the movie is not something to talk about.

In their quest to find the Slytherin Locket

Very few were new and spellbinding to talk about from the movie. I personally liked the magical tent, my nephews liked Hermione’s bag that has almost everything they need. The multiplied Harry was also amusing, but the scene where several Harry were seen was so short. Maybe, much of it can be expected on the final final part. I also liked the lighted deer that guided Harry, his swollen face, the flushing portal to the Ministry of Magic and its elevators. I got a thrill from the snake eating up a woman on a table, with its mouth opening wide to fill the screen. I thought Harry would die under the bed of ice because the Slytherin locket was allergic to the Sword of Griffendorf, which was there under a lake of ice.  I appreciated the way it combined shadow animation to tell of the tale of the deathly hallows. But the transition was so poor that I was not able to immediately sense that the tale is already being told. We had even a hard time remembering how the first hallow died. Thanks to Wikipedia for its reviews.

No longer cute as kids, not so charming as adolescents, not fitting for mature roles yet

It is noticeable how Harry and his friends have grown old. They are no longer teens but adults, yet their quest and their decisions were still dependent on the adults. This was evident in the first part that their parents were still significant parts of their lives. The movie have some sexy scenes as well, such as that part of Hermione and Harry kissing and making up naked. In this case, my concern is that what would kids think of this. I wonder how do the kids think of Harry? Do they see him as a kid, a teenager or an adult? In the movie he is just 17. The liberalism of the western culture regarding sex, is not the same as to the taste of our conservative culture.

From the years of the development of the story. The novel seemed to be so dependent on the situation that it will be turned into the movie, that Harry would have to take so many years in Hogwarts, until his adolescent years. So it’s like the earlier Mara Clara were the plot has to be stretched. My cousin who was not able to see the previous Harry Potter movies, had so many questions, which was related to the previous books. So I can say, that the movie is not full in its sense to deliver at least a story line worthy to watch, in which the audience will not have to be bothered after all by trying to make sense of the things that are missin. And, as to this movie, I feel cheated that it was like a marketing ploy or strategy as to whether Radcliffe can still draw audience, as the book has drawn millions of readers. The producers could have shown this movie at one time, even if they double the price of the movie ticket.

Aside from this scene, their other romantic scene is PG

No wonder, my nieces and nephews are not so excited about it. Now, the news says that Part I is leaking in the Internet. This would be a good explanation as to how much the movie will gross in the market for its uninformed and capitalistic ploy in giving the audience the toppings of a pie, when what we want is to taste the whole pie. I’m certain, that none of this hoax of an ending divided in half will ever happen again after Harry Potter. The half-baked pie of the half-blood prince should be half the price anyway.

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