Why spend for the Expendables?

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Cinema, Media, Popular Culture
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Video game turned movie.  This is a new genre of movies started in the traditions of  Super Mario, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Tekken, Lara Croft and  Final Destiny. What is common to these games is that they have become an interesting part of the life of a generation in our culture. The storyline in these games are made to engage the players in an adventure to finish the game. What makes these games even more engaging, is that it gives players sense of control and affirmation of self-esteem when they are able to win against the machine-programmed scheme.

I was able to watch the movie Expendables, starring and directed by Sylvester Stallone.  The movie has been running for a week, so that must explain that there are few viewers in theater. When Stallone was Rambo, he was able to draw crowds in the movie houses, just the same as with those actors in the movie playing caemeo roles such as Arnold Scwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, who in the 1980s and till the late 1990s had solid hits in their movies. The Expendables did not just rock to me. The flair of its actors don’t have a spark anymore.

The plot went around the life of a group of mercinaries, hired killers who do the dirty job, that the government officials can’t. In the movie, their aim was to get rid of an autocratic and manical tycoon who controls the military in a certain island, somewhere near the middle east. This tycoon prospers by wreaking fear among the island people. Love comes around, when the protagonist laid his eyes on the puppet general’s daughter. Conflict came, when the group could not decide on the protagonist’s mission to free the captive lady from the tycoon’s men.

There is nothing new to the plot. Everything was gore. The editing was poor which attempted to fuse video game effects on the film. Aside from the conventional plot, and the poor rendering of special effects, the actions tend to be boring as there is no more appeal to see these old movie icons in high action movie.


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