Everybody’s Changing but Mediocres don’t

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Analysis, Communication, Education

While I was trying to surf for some cool stuff for my class next week about setting goals, I got curious about Keane’s song Everybody’s changing, that I have to find the lyrics, and wondered if I can possibly use as start up tool. I find myself wondering what it really says. The more I wonder, the more I think that its meaningful.

The voice I hear is trying to speak to someone who is stuck somewhere, unable to move, just staying in the game, yet claiming to be doing something. These are the same characteristics of a mediocre. While things around them move, while other people pursues their life goals and make advances in their careers they just happen to sit there wherever they are comfortable.

They will always try to remember their names because others forget them. In a fast pacing world, people can’t just lag behind or they will be forgotten. One can’t just stay where he feels good enough. I remember one preacher described the opposite of good is not bad or worst, but best. For a mediocre, good things are good enough.

They do not expand their territories. They only wander in their own land, aching and paining. To myself, I dare to push forward, to thrust my focus towards better things, great things that I could perhaps only dream of. I have dreams, I share them with my family. Sometimes, when they are so great, my mom or my sister would consider it “ambitious” in a negative way.

But, people who have no dreams, or no ambitions in life are people without any vision to see where they would go. I dream, I dream big so at least, then I can drive my body and my mindset to higherand things. That even if I don’t meet my target, I get to fall still on the closest greater things towards my goal.

Everybody has to change, everybody has to move towards greater things in life and exceeding one’s potential. But that starts with a clear vision in mind. This separates the mediocre from highly effective people. They have a vision and they move, speak, work, act to realize that vision.

Six years ago, I went through examining myself of what I really want in life. I introspected, reflected and thought of the end of my days. Not of what people would tell about me, but what I want people to tell about me when I lie there in death bed, and what I would like to happen in my life from my 30th year ’till the time that I projected I might die. I began to think of my end in mind.

I drafted, read and rewrote my visions in life. I drafted, read, and rewrote my philosphies in life. I drafted, read and rewrote my personal eulogy. I drafter, read and rewrote my visions… until I was satisfied that those meet the greatest things that I want to happen in life. Looking back and going over with what I wrote, I see that things are happening – things that were deep-seated in my subsconscious are things that my conscious self are now experiencing. Those dreams are unfolding into the horizon which I could only dream.

For anyone to change, the change must begin in the mind.


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