The Earth: She is Organic Too

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Analysis

Vector-borne diseases, such as skin rashes due to viral infections that are air-borne are rather common nowadays. This is not something seasonal during hot dry terms, as explained by health officials. Biologists and pathologists know for a fact, that  the increasing temperature brought about by climate change have clear associations to result higher number of cases of having vector-borne diseases. Humans are organic beings, the changes in the environment affect their physical, mental and social wellness.

The earth is not dead stone, but it is alive as host to myriads of organic creatures. Like us, the earth’s ecosystem with its bodies of land, water, atmosphere and biodiversity is affected by climate change. It is us people who caused this change, not nature. For nature’s role is to give life and never to destroy it. The changes in the earth’s temperature is affecting the earth like how our physical body react to internal and external temperature.

I am not a scientist. I am simply making an analogy as to what I understand of the earth’s and human’s ontology. Although, there are some scientists who believes in this similar perspective that the earth is an organic body. What ever happens to one part of its system affects the other and all the rest. To illustrate this, a toothache can drag one person down in pain, sweating, crying, unable to function well. Depending on the gravity of the infection, it could result to fever. But this fever, is both a symptom and a healing mechanism for the human body. A certain increase in the body temperature could kill some infection-causing germ or bacteria.

However, the earth’s changed temperature is not a healing process for its inhabitants. It is a symptom that there is something wrong in the ecosystem, and it is going on. The earth is feverish, at some part of her body she’s sweating too much. On some other parts, she’s too cold. On another she’s so hot. She’s been convulsive several times and recurrently with very close intervals. Like from inside, she’s pulpitating. At specific areas of her skin, the dormant pusses are erupting. She’s spewing gray powder over her body to cover some parts from external heat. Her coldest part is melting away, breaking into pieces, lost to the seas.

Perhaps, the heat is causing her to pour on water at different places of her body, even to those areas that have been dry for hundreds of years. The heat which she did not ask for is burning her hair. The lush, thick and glorious hair that crowned her face in green  has been wiped by forest fires. What was left in her bossom that bringsforth food for her children, was spoilt milk. The valleys and fields plaining from her curves are slowly desserted, soon to be blown away by the wind as heap of sands.

The earth is organic. She is affected like we are, as to this climate change. She has generative powers to heal herself, unless we keep her from doing so. But, as we continue to fill the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, while reduce the forests for subdivisions and mining, and while we keep ourselves from using renewable energy sources, she will remain sickly as she is. The earth is our organic mother, and we are her babies. We are infants as we depend on her as our life-source. She is before us. She can persist longer than us. But if we go on obliterating her organic nature, what we do will fire back at us.

No, like a tender mother to an infant, she will not scold us, or unleash her wrath against us. For she understands our very nature, but it is our nature of apathy that will remove us from her experiencing her original love. She is like the most passionate woman any man could ever love, she feels for us, she cares for us, she provides for us. But what do we give her back?


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